CVRPC is a regional planning organization working with and for twenty-three municipalities in Central Vermont, including all the towns in Washington County and three towns in Orange County: Orange, Washington, and Williamstown. Our mission is to assist member municipalities in providing effective local government and to work cooperatively with them to address regional issues. We also work with area non-profits, other regional organizations, State and Federal agencies, and the general public.

Formed in 1967, CVRPC is one of Vermont’s eleven regional commissions. Local representatives to the Commission are appointed by the legislative bodies of each municipality. The Commission meets monthly with topics covering a broad range of Central Vermont concerns: regional land use issues, local growth center identification and evaluation, economic development, natural resource issues, public/private sector cooperation, and review of Act 250 and Section 248 projects. CVRPC is uniquely positioned to coordinate and guide activities between state and local governments.

The Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission holds its monthly meeting on the second Tuesday of each month.  Meetings are generally held at 6:30 p.m. at the conference room of the Central Vermont Chamber of Commerce in Berlin.  Please check the latest agenda to be sure the meeting time and place have not been changed.

The Executive Committee of CVRPC meets monthly on the Monday of the week before the Commission meeting.  Meetings are held at 4:00 p.m. at the CVRPC offices, 29 Main Street, Suite 4, Montpelier.  When a holiday falls on the first Monday, the meeting will generally be held the next day.  However, it is advised that you call the office to confirm.

Board of Commissioners

Executive Committee

  • Laura Hill-Eubanks, Chair – Northfield
  • Steve Lotspeich, Vice Chair – Waterbury
  • Dara Torre, Secretary/Treasurer – Moretown
  • Michael Gray – Woodbury
  • Gerry D’Amico – Roxbury
  • Janet Shatney – Barre City
  • Julie Potter – East Montpelier

Regional CommissionerS & Alternates

  • Janet Shatney – Barre City
  • Heather Grandfield (alternate) – Barre City
  • Byron Atwood – Barre Town
  • George Clain (alternate) – Barre Town
  • Robert Wernecke – Berlin
  • Karla Nuissl (alternate) – Barre City
  • Amy Hornblas – Cabot
  • John Brabant – Calais
  • Jan Ohlsson (alternate) – Calais
  • Alan Quackenbush – Duxbury
  • Julie Potter – East Montpelier
  • Clarice Cutler (alternate) – East Montpelier
  • Vacant – Fayston
  • Robin Schunk – Marshfield
  • Ronald Krauth – Middlesex
  • Marcella Dent – Montpelier
  • Michael Miller (alternate) – Montpelier
  • Dara Torre – Moretown
  • Joyce Manchester – (alternate) – Moretown
  • Laura Hill-Eubanks – Northfield
  • Lee Cattaneo – Orange
  • Vacant – Plainfield
  • Paula Emery (alternate) – Plainfield
  • Gerry D’Amico – Roxbury
  • Don La Haye – Waitsfield
  • Harrison Snapp (alternate) – Waitsfield
  • Vacant – Warren
  • J. Michael Bridgewater (alternate) – Warren
  • Peter Carbee – Washington
  • Steve Lotspeich – Waterbury
  • Richard Turner – Williamstown
  • Jacqueline Higgins (alternate) – Williamstown
  • Michael Gray – Woodbury
  • Bill Arrand – Worcester


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